Prefabricated modular buildings

The company OÜ Harmet manufactures modular buildings since 1997. Prefabricated modular buildings are highly valued in Scandinavia, especially, as they ensure reduced construction times and high quality.

There are several different options for building a house from timber. You can build from scratch directly on the construction site under the open sky, or you can use prefabricated modules whereby about 90% of the entire building structure and interior is built in a factory that offers the best conditions for construction.

We prefer prefabricated solutions as they ensure the best results and guaranteed construction quality, while eliminating the risks related to weather.

Our prefabricated houses are delivered…

  • With all doors and windows installed;
  • With all interior finishing and most of the exterior finishing already done;
  • With complete power, water and sewage systems;
  • With all sanitary and bathroom appliances already fitted;
  • With a pre-installed ventilation system;
  • With pre-installed kitchen cabinets and appliances;
  • As per the customer’s request, we can also install all furnishings;
  • All modules undergo quality control before leaving the factory