The company started to manufacture modular buildings (i.e. prefabricated modules) in 1997. Harmet’s product range includes various modular houses, modular on-site facilities, portable toilets and different types of metal structures.

We offer our customers a complete solution – from design engineering to the assembly of the buildings.

Today, Harmet employs about 280 people and operates three factories, one at Saue, other at Tutermaa and Pärnu.

Harmet’s primary market is Scandinavia as more than 90% of our output is sold in the Scandinavian countries. Achieving this success has not been easy because Scandinavian customers have high demands and competition is stiff.

Our mission

We get to know the customer to understand their vital needs. Based on the customer’s requirements, we create suitable, innovative and practical solutions. We always quickly resolve any warranty issues and strive to maintain a partnership built on trust. All of this makes us the perfect partner for any customer.

Toomas Kalev
Chairman of the board